[MMO Quick Thoughts] There’s more to ‘community’ than Dev Blogs and Guilds

One of the things I have struggled with in new MMOs (Rift, GW2, SWTOR) is getting a sense of the server community. When I played WoW, I knew the names of all the major guilds on the servers. I’d interacted with other players on the forums and in the game for years, from TBC onwards.

15 Mar 2014

[Wildstar] Beta Happened – Tiny Waists and Atmosphere

I was fortunate enough to get to play in 2 of the recent Wildstar beta weekends. The NDA has now been lifted, but I find that unsurprisingly a lot of my thoughts and feelings about the game have already been articulated elsewhere (such as this post by To Boldly Nerd). My notes weren’t quite as comprehensive,

14 Mar 2014
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