Wildstar // Searching for depth in the shallows

Following on from my last post, while I have parted ways with Warcraft, every post I start writing about Blizzard inevitably turns into what I love about Wildstar. This is not to say that Carbine are perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s refreshing to be playing in a new world, with a new

07 Jun 2014

Warcraft // Not Alpha Enough For Me

Alpha has landed, but I’m not invited. I suppose this post is a bit of an opportunity for me to say that my account expired in May anyway, and Rob Pardo’s comments were the final straw that finally killed my interest in exploring Garrisons and the Boy’s Own story of Warlords. Those comments, offhand as

05 Jun 2014
And a blank place, waiting for a guild to be

Wildstar // Trying to be flexible about social options

I spend a good few hours in Wildstar yesterday, and I’ve got to say that somehow they have drastically improved the intial leveling experience, at least for me. Only a few minor tweaks, but they’ve made a big difference since my last time in Deradune. However, today I am going to talk about the social

02 Jun 2014

Running Running Running

As an explorer in Wildstar, I am REALLY missing the hoverboard while exploring Deradune. Those Lost Caverns are both handy shortcuts, if you can remember their layout, but also a great way to end up in totally the wrong spot.

01 Jun 2014

I’ve got no idea what I’m doing // Pat Pat Pat

After a frenzied evening of adding blog after blog to my feedly account, and setting up a wildstar list on twitter, I settled down to read some of the lovely content that To Boldly Nerd has recommended. As a result, I came across this blog post at Pat The Chua. My first question was “Is the Chua called

30 May 2014
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