Wildstar // Ubiquitous Addons Post – RP Edition

There have been a number of fabulous addon posts about the blogosphere recently, but I feel compelled to join in. I’m not hugely into the RP scene these days. My priority is keeping my general mental health happy, and sometimes that means not logging in, so the idea of making appointments to roleplay becomes a

16 Jun 2014

Cosmotronic CSS Competition// Wildstar EU Guest Passes!

I have 3 guest passes for the EU region to give away! I’d also like to improve the look of my blog. If you suggest an easy to implement #css edit that will make a difference to the look of my blog, you can have one of three EU Guest Passes, to use yourself or

15 Jun 2014

Cultural Cartharsis

If you haven’t already, you should go read this piece over at Strifeblog about virtual conflict in video games, and it’s ‘interaction’ with real wars. Great piece from a venue that doesn’t normally cover this topic.

14 Jun 2014

Art Notes // Influences come back to haunt me (or why dragons need decoding)

I’m doing a degree in Art History in my free time. Currently I’m supposed to be writing an essay, but between this awesome post by my partner and the re-discovery of a pivotal moment in my teen years has distracted me. So, this blog is called ‘Decoding Dragons’. When I was in ┬ásecondary school, I

13 Jun 2014
So Many Books

Wildstar// Stories That Move You

So, SuicidalZebra on twitter posted a series of tweets that I thought were very interesting. I lay them out here for you. [View the story “Lore & Quests that appeal to the emotions” on Storify] While I’ve really enjoyed the texture of Dominion Lore, up until level 20 so far I have struggled to really

11 Jun 2014
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