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And a blank place, waiting for a guild to be

Wildstar // Trying to be flexible about social options

I spend a good few hours in Wildstar yesterday, and I’ve got to say that somehow they have drastically improved the intial leveling experience, at least for me. Only a few minor tweaks, but they’ve made a big difference since my last time in Deradune. However, today I am going to talk about the social tools that Wildstar gives us, and think about how they could improve them.

Out of the chum bucket, the game gives you the following options, but I will say that the unexpected little jewel is ‘Circles’.

  • Contacts – Friends
  • Contacts – Rivals
  • Contacts – Ignore
  • Contacts – Suggested
  • Guild (Per Character, not cross faction)
  • Circles (5 per Character, not cross faction)
  • Chat Channels


Wildstar Friends List

Wildstar Friends List

As you can see from the above, the game allows you to add people by their account nick name (a very editable, customisable form of BattleTag), or their email address. As you can see, it also grants an option for Add Player, if you don’t want them to know your nickname and be able to see when their online. The type of friend they are (account or player) is shown on the left.  It does show duplicates (if you add someone’s character and then add their account).

You can also add by email – presumably your account email will form part of the ‘suggested’ contacts that will appear eventually. Currently the game doesn’t suggest anyone to me.

Once someone is your account friend, you can see their status notes, add your own notes about them and so on.

I haven’t tried to account ignore people yet, and I have no rivals yet, so am unable to say anything. So far, this is a fairly feature rich ‘friends’ interface, and the addition of Rivals is a fun one that I look forward to trying out.


And a blank place, waiting for a guild to be

And a blank place, waiting for a guild to be

This is likely to be your bog-standard guild interface, but I can’t really offer any insight as I’m not a member of one yet. They require a certain level and some gold to make.


What a Circle Looks Like

What a Circle Looks Like

Now these are intriguing. They are character level, and you can have five per character. They have very basic ranks (Leader, Council, Member) that allows you to control who invites, but there are no features beyond that. Members of the circle will be able to see a light roster, and access a chatroom. The chatroom code is normal /c1, where the 1 is exchanged for the slot it occupies in your circle allocation.

As you can see from the above screenshot, it shows the character name, and if you are an admin of a circle you have a number of simple buttons. You can sort the roster by any of the criteria of the roster.

More importantly, circles are FREE and you can have up to 5 unique circles per character! Perfect for if your guild doesn’t quite have the gold for a full on guild charter yet.

Chat Channels

The chat interface is a little finicky, and the commands are a bit fussy sometimes. There is a realm-wide (?) advice channel that I have seen be very helpful to newbies on my RP realm, plus a local Zone chat that will vary wildly depending on where you are and who else is logged in.

What I would like to see

  • An account ignore, even if you don’t know the account nickname of the player.
  • A way to tweet screenshots (or just normal tweets) directly from the game (I loved this in Rift), but without achievements/kills being automatically enabled when this feature is added.




June 2nd, 2014 at 10:31 am

I’m liking the options a lot so far, though they feel a little confusing at the beginning (hence me spending at least half an hour trying to add everybody to my friend list). :)
One thing I’d like to see is more chat options, or maybe a mod, something that lets you change chat window opacity, font size, that kind of thing. It’s definitely lacking at the moment.

June 4th, 2014 at 1:45 pm

Definitely. I think there are a lot of interface options missing at the moment. Am sure the experience will get slicker as time goes on but the chat commands feel very fussy atm

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