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Wildstar // Searching for depth in the shallows

Following on from my last post, while I have parted ways with Warcraft, every post I start writing about Blizzard inevitably turns into what I love about Wildstar. This is not to say that Carbine are perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s refreshing to be playing in a new world, with a new combat system. Even the quest grind feels fresh (partly because I’m playing an explorer, and am frequently getting distracted by hidden tunnels and random things around the zone which result in me being the opposite side of the map from where I’m supposed to be.)

Additionally, there are an abundance of fun female character, and interesting male characters. Both factions have much more depth (and bredth) than the simple Good/Evil or even Browncoats/Alliance dichotomy. The Dominion are authoritarian, but they’re also technologically advanced, have wonderfully machiavellian politics, and real ‘ordinary’ characters who live with the realities of the regime and are doing their best to enjoy life. The Dominion has art galleries, museums, and a sinister race of robot overlords. The story lines involve class issues, noble houses, and the fate of ordinary citizens, even as the Exiles are all about freedom and finding a home.

Over the past day I’ve finally levelled high enough to buy a mount (the cutest raptor) and start working on my house. It’s taking a while, because I keep getting distracted by the following….

Anguissola tackles an assault course

Tackling an Assault Course

The...what IS this

Exploring and finding….things in people’s houses (yes, a player made this, I assume it’s meant to be rude).

Anguissola gets a statue

Saving some people, and getting a statue-hologram of my own! That Governor dude is a jerk.

Catching up with Kadomi

Catching up with Kadomi of To Boldly Nerd

And finally, I don’t have any pictures of my rocket house. Which now has a giant chimney stack because I wasn’t sure where else to put the chimney stack. I also had fun visiting the houses of other in my guild, include one chap who had a bouncy qubig jumping chanllenge. Qubigs are…..Pigs in a cubic shape. I’m going to have to go back and take another screen shot of that. Another fellow, who’s character is a botanist (in the RP sense) had a giant tree growing over his house, and lovely pathways and portals to all over the world.

I was going to call him Gerrold, but Anguissola would never call her raptor that.

I shall call him

The raptor I purchased for the princely sum of 10 gold, was a green thing with red eyes, and is beautifully animated. Your character also ‘kicks’ the sides of the raptor when you start moving, although the horse rider that I am winces every time and wishes it was a more gentle nudge.

This was originally going to be a relatively serious post, but I’m having too much fun to do cultural comparisons yet!


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