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I’ve got no idea what I’m doing // Pat Pat Pat

After a frenzied evening of adding blog after blog to my feedly account, and setting up a wildstar list on twitter, I settled down to read some of the lovely content that To Boldly Nerd has recommended. As a result, I came across this blog post at Pat The Chua.

My first question was “Is the Chua called Pat?”

Njessi’s About Page does not answer this, so now I want to make a Chua called Pat. As I did not reserve any of my names, I doubt I shall have that chance.

Anyway, Pat aside, I would like to confess that I am extremely unprepared too. I have a feel for the races I want to play, and the starting zones I want to stick to (I’m not really a fan of the Drakken starting area, that stormy island was much more fun.) Beyond that? I have a general idea about classes (Stalker, ESPer, and maybe spellslinger or warrior). I have an exile guild to aim at, thanks to Twitter.

If I was still in my Warcraft raiding mode, this state of open-ended generalities would have been pushing big anxiety buttons. Instead I’m enveloped in the glow of promise and all the shiny things to discover. And that’s just fine. I’m determined to throw myself into the social side of Wildstar, to talk to people instead of retreating, and to make new friends.

Not having every little thing planned out is part of the fun. My Aurin and Drakken will grow organically into their own characters, just as my warcraft ones did.

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