Real Life // The Night Before The Appointment

  Tomorrow is a big day for me. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life. I’ve been on medication. I’ve lost weight. I’ve done all the things you are supposed to do to overcome the sinking dread inside, the insidious voice that tells you nothing will ever be good enough. If I just tried

22 Sep 2015

Travels in Tamriel // TESO is More Fun Than Expected

I’m not much of a gamer these days. Between full time jobs, social life and studying part-time, my brain hasn’t had much space for logging on. Pile on Gamergate, and the Formalist/Anti-formalist debate, and I’ve pretty much ‘noped’ my way out of gaming for the past year.  Like Belghast, I have a long litany of

16 Feb 2015

Games As Art // Art Shouldn’t Be Passive

I didn’t mean to go quiet for quite that long. Oops. In any case, I would now like to blather about something. So blather I shall. In my free time, instead of gaming, I am studying, and this studying is mainly concerned with Art History. It’s been a fantastic journey so far, but when I

05 Oct 2014

Wildstar // Ubiquitous Addons Post – RP Edition

There have been a number of fabulous addon posts about the blogosphere recently, but I feel compelled to join in. I’m not hugely into the RP scene these days. My priority is keeping my general mental health happy, and sometimes that means not logging in, so the idea of making appointments to roleplay becomes a

16 Jun 2014

Cosmotronic CSS Competition// Wildstar EU Guest Passes!

I have 3 guest passes for the EU region to give away! I’d also like to improve the look of my blog. If you suggest an easy to implement #css edit that will make a difference to the look of my blog, you can have one of three EU Guest Passes, to use yourself or

15 Jun 2014
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